Remove Some of the Stress of a Car Accident With These 7 Hints

Every day, thousands of Americans will be in a car accident, many of which cause some form of injury. Trying to work through both the immediate consequences of a collision and the paperwork that will follow later can be considerably difficult, especially for people who are not familiar with the general process. To hopefully simplify the events that follow a car accident and reduce the overall stress of the dramatic situation, you should review and remember these seven steps and hints.

Here are seven things to keep in mind about car accidents:

  1. 1) Preparedness: You can never predict when a negligent driver is going to blindside you, so the most you can do to “prepare” for a car accident is to get yourself familiar with your insurance policy and ensure you have the right copies of information in your glove compartment. Of course, you can also prepare by reading the rest of this helpful list of hints and steps.

  2. 2) Check on everyone: The first thing you need to do after being in a car accident is ensure that everyone involved is safe and sound. If anyone is seriously injured, you should call 911 to bring emergency medical responders, police, and firefighters to the crash site. In the lucky event that no one is badly injured, you should still call the police. An officer can direct traffic away from your accident, provide you with a police report of what happened, and decide what to do if the other driver that hit you was drunk or has no insurance.

  3. 3) Start investigating: If you are not seriously injured, there is no better time than right after an accident to start your investigation and gather evidence. You need copies of the insurance policies of the other drivers, identifying information, photographs from all around the crash site, and testimonies from eyewitnesses and emergency responders. Thoroughness is your best friend when it comes to gathering information.

  4. 4) Never say sorry: No matter what happened to cause the accident, you should never admit guilt or even say “I’m sorry” to another party there. Insurance companies will latch onto any sort of apology and hold it up as a subconscious admission of guilt, which will raise your own liability considerably and make recovering fair compensation difficult.

  5. 5) Get help: After the manic and panic of a car accident subsides, it is time to get professional assistance. You should see your doctor as soon as possible, even if you feel fine. You should also retain the services of a personal injury attorney or at least schedule a free consultation with one you trust to learn more about your rights as an injured party. Lastly, you have to tell your insurance company eventually about your accident sooner than later. Waiting too long could jeopardize your claim, as it seems suspicious. If you hire a car accident lawyer right away, you can even have them talk to your insurance company on your behalf, which further reduces your chances of inadvertently raising your liability by saying or admitting the wrong thing.

  6. 6) Stay atop repairs and medical needs: Try to remain aware of how your car repairs are progressing. Simply handing the task to your insurance company and walking away from the situation will most likely allow them to find the cheapest parts available and at the least qualified repair shop. You also need to follow up with any medical appointments and checkups resulting from your injuries. Failing to do so will spike your own liability.

  7. 7) Parking lot accidents: Don’t forget that a car accident is a car accident is a car accident, no matter where it occurs. A sizeable portion of all collisions actually occur in parking lots around America. If you get struck by a negligent driver in a parking lot, treat the situation as you would any other car accident.

Car Accident Attorneys in Oklahoma City

With all of these hints and steps in mind, the most important of them all might be to retain a legal professional shortly after being in a crash. At Clemens Blair, our Oklahoma City car accident lawyers are adamant about protecting the rights of our clients, fighting for every last penny of compensation they deserve, and making them comfortable throughout the entire legal process. When you retain our services, we can act on your behalf from start to finish and provide trusted guidance and counsel, allowing you to stay focused on your recuperation instead of busywork and legalese.

Get the highly-experienced, compassionate, and insightful legal advocacy you deserve. Contact our law firm today and ask about getting a free initial consultation.



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