Oklahoma City Product Liability Attorney

The Danger of Defective Products

Defective products are all over the American market, and many times people who are injured by them do not know who to blame. The fact is, there are a lot of people who could be responsible for a product that has caused injury or harm to the consumer. Almost any product you purchase could potentially cause you harm, but there are a few that have been deemed as "dangerous" and, accordingly, have been withdrawn from the market.

The companies of a defective product will generally discontinue that product. Sometimes, they will make additional efforts to try and offer a financial settlement to the party who was injured by the defective product. You may have received a notice in the mail for compensation from a defective product involved in a class action lawsuit case. Even products that do not necessarily cause harm to the consumer can be categorized as a product liability case if they have made a guarantee that was ultimately not met.

Defective products and product liability cover a huge area of law. These cases encompass everything from overheating computers to exploding lawnmower parts. Faulty products can result in mild to severe injuries, including burns, disfiguration, scarring and even death in the most serious cases. Dangerous drugs that do not properly list all side effects and consequently cause internal complications can be classified as cases of product liability as well. It is important that you obtain the guidance of an experienced Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer if you have used or know anyone that has sustained injury or suffered loss from a defective product.

How an Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Need a lawyer for a product liability case in Oklahoma City? If you have received notice of a class action lawsuit due to a defective or faulty product, you may be eligible for compensation. Even those individuals who were not involved in a class action suit, but sustained serious injuries may be eligible. Many people could be at fault for your accident, and a personal injury attorney from our firm can help you bring these issues to light. If a poor design, lack of adequate warning label or manufacturing defect caused you harm then you need an attorney who can help you obtain the compensation that is rightfully due to you as a victim.

If you are searching for an attorney for a defective product case in Oklahoma City, then Contact Clemens Blair as soon as possible.


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