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Burns are recognized by doctors as a serious medical injury that can leave lasting physical disabilities and permanent scars. In the United States, over four million burns are reported every year. Most of the victims of burn injuries will be hospitalized and more than one million of those patients either die from their injuries or are left with debilitating, life-long injuries. Burns can be sustained from more than just fire. Exposure to extreme heats, radiation, electrical shock and even chemical spills can cause equally traumatic injuries.

The most common burns occur in the kitchen, with children and infants making up the majority of emergency hospital visits. Work-related burns, from either chemical or electrical outlets, can injure a victim so badly that they are unable to return to work for weeks or even months, calling for workers' compensation as well.

As terrible and crippling as burns can be, they are for the most part, preventable. Because burns can be avoided by proper warnings or training, when a serious burn happens to a person it can be traumatizing. Are you looking for an attorney for a burn injury case in Oklahoma City? Whether your burn was superficial but left a scar or it was serious enough to have resulted in deep tissue complications, it is important that you contact an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer when it was the result of someone else's negligence or wrongdoing, as soon as possible.

Contact an Oklahoma City burn injury lawyer online or at (888) 490-7933 as soon as possible.

Classifying the Severity of Burn Injuries

Burns are classified by "degrees," and each degree pertains to the depth of the burn. Regardless of the degree, burns can be incredibly painful and require medical attention, whether through First Aid or a doctor's assistance. First-degree burns are superficial, usually occurring on the skin and leaving a dry, painful texture. The healing time for these burns is one week or less; sunburns are common examples of first-degree burns.

Second-degree burns have two classifications: the first is their tendency to leave clear blisters that are often painful to the touch; and the second is their ability to leave bloody blisters that, if not properly treated, could lead to a third-degree burn. These burns can take anywhere from two to three weeks to heal and if not treated can cause a local infection.

Third-degree burns are painless due to the extent of tissue damage involved, and they often leave brown scabs with scarring. In severe cases, a third-degree burn may call for amputation.

Fourth-degree burns, the most serious of all, cause significant amounts of damage, sometimes leading to gangrene, amputation or even death.

Need an attorney for a burn injury case in Oklahoma City? If you or a loved one have been greatly injured or scarred because of a heat burn or chemical burn, it is important to contact an Oklahoma City burn injury lawyer online or at (888) 490-7933 as soon as possible.


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